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26 July 2017

How Does It Work?

One of the early steps aimed at making people more fuel efficient was carpooling. But that worked if you had a group of friends or acquaintances who travelled to the same place and had similar working hours. Carpooling was more effective for parents with schoolgoing children. Major European cities have banned the functioning of such services because of various user complaints received as well as widespread protest by public transport services. These days there is an easier way to be fuel efficient – share your taxi ride. If you aren’t exactly in a hurry to reach your destination one of the things that you can do is to share your ride with other commuters who are travelling along a similar route.


10 July 2017

Technology used

App-based services are all technology-reliant. Let’s take a look at what technology goes into such services: GPS Navigation Devices – in order for a taxi driver to know where you are going, s/he has to enter certain information in the Map service. This helps them track the route they are using, how much time it will take them to reach and also show them any other available customers who want to share the ride on the route. All of this information is only available to those who use GPS enabled apps and devices. Smartphones – gone are the days of calling a taxi via a given phone number that has been heavily advertised. A smartphone is the gateway to these services since it is the smartphone app that will help you find and travel in a taxi. Social networks – now this is a bit of a tricky area since these networks can be used or misused.




If the goal is to build a rapport then this works perfectly. However, there are a lot of drivers and customers who take advantage of the reach of these networks to propagate the wrong ideas. The flip side is that these networks enable a degree of accountability.


A lot of ridesharing and ride sourcing companies have been facing a lot of flak since the industry is not as heavily regulated as public transport companies. This means that even if there were an issue they could simply bypass a lot of the norms since they don’t apply to private operators.

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