If you use a ridesharing or a ride sourcing service then you are probably familiar with us. We are a curating service where you can find all of the local app-based taxi services in one stop.

Here are some of the services we offer:

Exclusive deals and coupons on selected rides and selected car services. Regular use of our app and checking the notifications panel will make sure that you are well-equipped to get the best deals around! Limo on hire. Have a prom coming up? Planning to propose to your partner?

Ant to give your mother a special day out in the city? WE have the perfect solution for all that – rent a limo for a day and you can also live like a King. The limo service has to be booked 24 hour prior and any other additions (champagne, concierge, etc) have to be booked as well – there are also various packages that you can check out.

Surge Pricing hack – since we are a curator service, we will give you access to the prices of al taxis and you can choose the best price and travel accordingly. This way you save a ton of money and avoid the whole surge pricing demon!

Multi-stop rides – there are some days when you want to run errands but are too lazy to drive, our package deals give you the flexibility to run all of your errands while letting someone else do the driving. For busy people and for stay at home mothers, this is an extremely low stress way of handling errands.

Free upgrades – if you have been using our services regularly, then, you know that there are times when you get a bigger car or a car with free wi-fi. This is because we are slowly accruing your loyalty points and will upgrade you for free if you fulfill your quota for the fornight.

Here are some major Types

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